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    Quality Resourcing

    Are you stuck with resumes of candidates who don’t fit properly with your actual requirements? If yes, then don’t waste your time with the resourcing or staffing problems, you can rely on our professional resourcing solutions. @ Metaphor Networks, we are committed to create Quality Resource matches for our clients.

    Before scrutinizing candidates, we study our client’s requirements in detail. We then do a brief research on our client’s organization, so that we create interest in candidates towards your organization. We provide unmatched quality resourcing through some highly effective tried & tested processes. We do a customized talent search as per your requirements, hence providing you with candidates/ individuals most capable of handling the roles & responsibilities of your organization.

    Resourcing plans offered by Metaphor

    Contract to Hire :

    We try and understand the specifications and requirements of our clients to get a fair idea of terms & conditions of the employer. We study thoroughly the contract agreement time period specified, talent evaluation parameters and all other details. Hence providing you with the most suitable talent pool for your requirement. Candidates are placed through our company for a contract period. The employer can further decide on hiring the talent permanently.

    Project Staffing :

    We also offer quality & reliable Project Staffing solutions. We can get you skilled manpower based on your ongoing projects. You can get skilled employee base who are specifically hired for a particular project. We also provide cost effective HR services.

    Permanent Staffing :

    Metaphor’s experience in Permanent Staffing solutions along with a team of recruiting experts uses client-specific customized strategies to hire a candidate. We do a streamlined resourcing process to pick the best fit for your requirements. We first study the objectives of the organization and roles & responsibilities for the ideal candidate. The next step involves creating a customized recruitment & resourcing plan as per your organization’s specifications. Once we shortlist few candidates, we schedule tailor-made interview based on the specified parameters. We then conduct verifications on all levels. Finally we help you with the job offer negotiations part.